OPSEU Local 550

About Local 550

What we consist of

Local 550 (Developmental & Community Services) is a composite Local representing Broadview Village, Evangaline Residence, Islington Seniors’ Centre, and the P.L.U.S. program. We currently have over 250 Members. As an employee of any of these organizations you become a member of OPSEU and pay union dues. This means you are protected by the Collective Agreement.

New Employees

Every new employee is an unsigned member and has the right to file a grievance, as well as to be represented by, protected by, and to vote on the Collective Agreement.

However, if you're employed in a workplace represented by OPSEU, this doesn’t automatically make you a member of the Local. You need to sign a union card. Signing a membership application gives you a voice in your union, in your Local, and across the province.

Advantages of Membership

Your Voice on Union Business

Membership in OPSEU Local 550 is your voice on Union business! Signing a membership application gives you more opportunities, a larger voice! When you sign a membership application you become a signed member.

If you haven’t signed one already, you can find all necessary documents in our resources.

Local 550 is part of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. Visit OPSEU’s website to find out about the other 155,000 OPSEU members across Ontario.

Local 550 Needs Your Support

The Local works best when there is a Steward from every site. A Steward understands the unique issues of that site, so they are best qualified to represent those members.

We ask all members to consider volunteering to be stewards. Learn more about being a steward and contact us for further assistance.